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Bring Back the Sparkle

Elite Property Maintenance was founded as the driveway sealing company Elite Sealers, serving residential and commercial properties in Syracuse, NY and the neighboring communities. Leveraging our three-step process, we’ll bring back the black luster you’ve been looking for and the curb appeal your property’s been missing.


Are you new to driveway sealing?

Let the experts at Elite get your property looking its best with proper maintenance services.  Here's what we recommend:

  1. Driveway sealing is recommended every two years (in the Central New York environment) to extend the life of your driveway. 

  2. If you’re a new homeowner or have completed a new build, we recommend sealing your driveway two years in a row as the fresh pavement will soak in the sealer quickly with the first application.

  3. If you’re not sure if your driveway has ever been sealed, don't worry. We'll come to take a look and let you know what we find.


Don't worry, we won't leave you hanging. Elite made our name in driveway sealing, and with our three-step process to driveway sealing, we'll get your house back to the best looking one on the block.


Let's make your neighbors jealous, contact elite today. Let us make your property our passion.


Driveway Sealing Services


Driveway Sealing


We take an Elite approach to driveway sealing. Our service involves a three (3) step process: Prepare, Apply, Secure.


Step 1


First, we'll review the entire surface area of your driveway to ensure that we fully understand the project at hand. During this initial review, we'll also outline the specific areas our team discussed during your assessment that might need any additional attention or special crack fill applications if necessary.


Then, we prepare the surface by clearing the driveway of dust and debris. Once clean, using a weed eater, we'll trim and edge the surrounding grass and/or landscape beds to ensure a clean seal application.

Step 2


Next, using Nyera Coal Tar Sealer, a commercial-grade solution, we hand-apply the sealer to the surface working from the driveway back to the road to eliminate any disturbances to the finish.


In the event the driveway has small cracks that need to be filled, we’ll apply crack filler, a polyester-fiber solution to the cracks to ensure a level application of the sealer.

Step 3


Last, we’ll secure the driveway at the road with stakes, ribbon, and a sign which notifies family, neighbors, and public servants that the driveway is curing and should not be disturbed.

Typically, in the Summer
months a residential driveway will cure and dry within 24 hours. In the Spring and early fall months, it is encouraged to wait to park on your driveway a bit longer; roughly 48 hours in the event the morning dew slows the drying process.

Walking after 24 hours is usually fine.

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